Good Hair Days Make for Good Work Days

It’s incredible how much of a difference an extra 15 minutes in the morning can improve your day. I was feeling particularly tired last night so I decided against washing my hair, pretty grim of me, I know. I just could not muster the energy after work and after making myself attend a workout class!

So this morning I had a bit of a dilemma. I look quite young for my age, and with my hair up in a pony tail I look a few years younger. This shouldn’t be a problem, but I feel that working as an auditor I dislike having people talk to me like I’m 12 (the seniors in the office literally call us juniors ‘kids’).

I decided to whip out my fat curling iron for some big and bouncy curls. I hadn’t used the curling wand in years, and if my memory was correct I remember I was not a fan, but my hair was really long then so I decided to give it another go. It still sucked. I don’t know if I didn’t give it enough time to heat up or if it’s just too fat a wand so it doesn’t give my hair enough of a curl. This is the curling wand I am referring to:

I think I’ll give it another try this weekend though and I can give you my final verdict once I give it more time to heat up. I wasn’t in the mood for ringlets using my smaller curler and thought that would take way too long, so I rediscovered my old/new favourite thing, the Babyliss waver.

It only took me 15 minutes this morning and I looked so much more put together than usual. I received so many compliments as well, which I’m really not used to. I was definitely feeling myself all day long! The curls lasted pretty well, apart from one annoying front piece, but I wasn’t too bothered.

You’ll have to ignore my awkward posing, and and I won’t be sharing any details about my outfit because it’s incredibly plain.

I love what the curls did for my shorter front sections that framed my face, as can be seen below.

This is my seldom photographed ‘other side’ of my face, I find I look very strange on this side! These photos were taken on my way home, so the curls really lasted well all day long. I will definitely be reaching for this hair tool in the near future. Until next time!

– Michelle xx


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