Cool Toned Daytime Look

  • This was a look I created earlier this week using the Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette. I don’t often reach for these cool toned types of colours but love them once they are applied.
  • Crazy eyebrow you’ll have to ignore but I’ve been liking a bit more of an unruly look for some reason? Anyone else majorly struggle with dry skin between the eyebrows? Foundation just tends to cling there so much, it’s very frustrating! It’s especially bad on this side:
  • face makeup is once again the same as what I listed in Weekend Daytime Makeup and New Nails! Boring I know but if it ain’t broke don’t fix it I think. You’ll have to excuse my face looking a bit messy since it was after a long and hot day just before I went to go work out.

    I’ve realised that the back camera on my phone captures eyeshadows a bit more true to colour compared to my front facing one so from now on I’ll try to take photos with the back one. Next thing I need to work on it the lighting because I’ll need a mirror and my bathroom is really the only place I can snap a pic at the moment. Work in progress I guess!

    Well I’m off to my grandparents’ 54th wedding anniversary now, they’ve been together crazy long haven’t they! Not often you hear those sorts of numbers anymore. I hope you are all doing well and have a lovely weekend! Until next time.

    – Michelle xx


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