Pamper Day

Long time no blog! I hate how unmotivated I am beauty-wise. I remember the times when I would come home from school and literally just do my makeup a couple of times, just because it was what I enjoyed doing! I hope I get that motivation back at some point in my life, that would be very nice.

I love Fridays. Yes, it’s the end of the week and we get a couple of days off of work for the weekend. It’s also a chance to go on a night out, but I’m no regular 21 year old. I love Fridays because every few weeks my granny books me an appointment to get a blow dry, then we go out for dinner and finish off with a night at the bingo. As I said, not a regular 21 year old at all.

I adore the time we spend together and it becomes exponentially better when I manage to convince my other granny to join us! That turns into some really good fun. But enough about what I do after I finish work, I thought I’d show you how my hair looked after I was done. I really think my hair stylist outdid herself this time!

I also got my nails done, but I’ll share that tomorrow when there’s good lighting. Please let me know if there’s anything in particular you would like to see. Eye looks, workouts, whatever it is, just write me a comment.

Until next time!

– Michelle xx


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