Posting Schedule

These past two weeks have been…interesting. A couple weeks ago I was so happy with my progress, I had managed to post 3 chapters of my story onto my creative writing site and then reality hit once work started again. The amount of overtime I’ve been doing is actually ridiculous. 8.5 hours of my every day have been both dull and frustrating all at the same time, how very sad.

My creative writing site…okay so I’m not very good at writing and it’s becoming very evident the longer I go on with my stupid story. It was very fun to begin with, but I’m not too sure now, I just don’t think I’m creative enough really?

But onto the point of this post, my posting schedule! I would love to post once a day but that’s just not realistic at all, so I’ve decided that come the weekend, I am going to write as much as my boring brain can muster up (mostly for the story as my daily life really isn’t very interesting. Then, whenever something fun happens, I’ll turn back to this site! In this way, I’ll keep this site more as a diary of sorts, and there’s no pressure here at all. I’m really not interested in whether people like the way that I write or if they agree with me anymore.

To be frank, I just don’t have friends so it’s nice to have somewhere to vent about my feelings and share some of my frustrations. If someone just so happens to feel the same way then that’s just a major bonus! I might even talk about some new makeup products that I have been loving recently since I love reading about what makeup people are into.

Until next time!

– Michelle xx


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