Sephora Makeup Haul

Hello! Long time no blog! Life has been incredibly busy and tiring these past couple of months with work (and general laziness after long days). I’ve completely given up on working out and haven’t done a single bit of physical activity in weeks, which is absolutely horrible but I’ll work on that 😂.

Onto the topic of this post, I recently paid a visit to my closest Sephora which is over about an hour and a half away. I actually had not been to this shopping mall in years so I went a little crazy. However, I can more or less justify it because it’s almost all items I can’t get my hands on where I live! So I guess it’s fine, right?

I’ll start off by giving you an overview of everything that I got:

When I first walked in, I was on a mission. I wanted, no, absolutely needed to get my hands on some Huda Beauty. I had been seeing too many tutorials, too many Instagram posts and I couldn’t handle not having it any longer. When I saw the display I practically ran (or just excitedly made my way over if I’m being honest and now overly dramatic) to the display and instantly swatched three or four of the shimmers and I was sold. The nude palette was already mine, I grabbed it and just moved on to look at everything else. I mean, look at this intensity and pigmentation!

For reference, the colours I am swatching, from left to right are: excite, daydream, fantasy and crave.

After this palette I fell in love with a gently beauty lipstick in the colour uncuffed.

It’s a pretty standard shade for me as I tend to stick to deeper pinky nude colours. So I purchased these two items and went on my way!

You may now be asking yourself, why are there four items in the first photo? Well, it’s funny that you ask that! I actually went to a cafe for a snack and literally could not wait to dip my fingers into the shadows. I used two colours just on my fingers and I was so impressed that I walked my butt straight back into Sephora and walked back out with the Huda Beauty rose gold palette.

I feel like this one is much more wearable so I’m very happy that I decided to purchase it in the end. The Benefit roller lash mascara is a repeat purchase for me and is definitely one of my faves, I recommend it to anyone looking for a mascara and wants long lashes that aren’t clumpy. I personally like to use it after a volumising mascara to give more of that false lash look!

This is a terrible photo but it’s just to give you a vague idea of how the eyeshadow looked when I applied it just with my fingers.

Please also ignore my bushy eyebrow I really need to pluck!

This is all of the makeup that I’ve bought and I will endeavour to post some eyeshadow looks that I create with these new palettes. Is there any new makeup you would like to see me test out?

– Michelle xx


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